The Last House on the Left (1972)

The Last House on the Left was released on August 30th, 1972.
Filming locations include Westport, CT.

Police Dept. - 50 Jesup Rd. Westport, Ct. 06880
(Westport Police Dept.)

Cemetery - Next to* 287 Wilton Rd. Westport, Ct. 06880
(Poplar Plains Cemetery)


  1. I was just at the cemetery and police station locations earlier today. I couldn't help but walk further into the woods behind the cemetery. The pond right behind it. Isn't that where Krug shoots Mari? It looks very familiar. Took some snapshots and will have to rewatch that part when I return home.

    1. You're correct, that is the same pond. I didn't find that out until after I visited the location (forehead slap).

  2. Any idea where the house was that they filmed at? Apparently Sean Cunningham's parent's lived in that house at the time but cannot find info on where it is.