Final Destination (2000)

Final Destination was released on March 17th, 2000.
Filming locations include Delta, Vancouver and Victoria, BC.
Browning house - 4688 Connaught Dr. Vancouver, BC. V6J 4E2, Canada
Mount Abraham High School - 5555 Carnarvon St. Vancouver, BC. V6N, Canada
(Kerrisdale Elementary School)
Waggner house - 1312 Balfour Ave. Vancouver, BC. V6H 1X7, Canada
Terry's killed - Delta St. and Bridge St. Delta, BC. V4K 2T6, Canada
Carter's killed - 50 Bastion Square Victoria, BC. V8W 1J2, Canada


  1. The house in the first now picture looks like the one from bird box

  2. Any chance of where that train crash of Billy’s death is?