The Return of the Living Dead

The Return of the Living Dead was released on August 16th, 1985.
Filming locations include Los Angeles, Palos Verdes and Sylmar, CA.
Uneeda Medical Supply - 698 Moulton Ave. Los Angeles, Ca. 90031
Resurrection Cemetery entrance
Resurrection Cemetery - Los Olivos Rd. Sylmar, Ca. 91342
NOTE: In 2005 the olive grove where the fake cemetery scenes
were filmed was razed and a neighborhood was built in it's place.
Suicide drives - 250 N. Myers St. Los Angeles, Ca. 90033
Col. Glover's house - 1901 Paseo Del Mar Palos Verde, Ca. 90275


  1. It's a damn shame the cemetery was turned into another yutzy neighborhood :(

  2. Thanks for this research! I've been working in Sylmar for a few months and looked up what movies were filmed in Sylmar. The only thing that came up was one of my family's all-time favorites (ROTLD). I immediately walked over and took pictures of the spot where the cemetery scenes were shot and sent them to my wife and kids. It has changed alot, but I can picture what was taking place between the trees that still remain. As usual for so many filming locations, the locals have no clue what took place in their own neighborhood.

  3. Can you post theese pictures, please? )

  4. Looked up the Uneeda location on realtor sites. Pretty crazy how it’s been converted.

  5. I wish i could visit these places.

  6. Would be cool to visit these locations. Who’s down?

  7. I remember getting this movie at Hastings in the early 2000s