The Fog (1980)

The Fog was released into theaters on February 8th, 1980. Filming locations include Inverness, Los Angeles, Marin County, Olema, Point Reyes Station and Sierra Madre, Ca. This was the first of John Carpenter's eight films that would span almost the entire decade of the 80's where he would direct one every year with the exception of 1985 and 1989, cementing his status as one of the genres most popular and influential directors. Adrienne Barbeau, who was married to John Carpenter at the time played the character of Stevie Wayne. She would later go on to star in such genre films as Escape From New York, Swamp Thing, Creepshow and the television series Monsters, episode All in a Day's Work. Two of Adrienne's co-stars from Creepshow also appear in The Fog. Hal Holbrook as Father Malone and Tom Atkins as Nick Castle, a nod to the man who played The Shape for the majority of John Carpenter's smash hit Halloween. Speaking of Halloween, The Fog would feature three more alum of the film, Jamie Lee Curtis, Nancy Loomis and Charles Cyphers. John Carpenter makes his trademark cameo appearance near the beginning of the movie as Father Malone's assistant, Bennett. John Carpenter was also responsible for the score to the film. The films first DVD release came in 2002.

The church25 E. Laurel Ave. Sierra Madre, Ca. 91024
(Episcopal Church of the Ascension)

The church was built in 1888. On August 19th, 1977 it was listed on the National Register of Historic Places No. 44. It's also site #7 on the Sierra Madre designated historical landmarks list. Aside from The Fog, it was also featured in Return of the Living Dead Part II.

All "Now" pictures taken in 2011.


Canyon Country Store - 2108 Laurel Canyon Blvd. Los Angeles, Ca. 90046

Built at some point in the early 1900's, it opened as Bungalow Inn Lodge. The mostly wood structure burnt down in 1929 but was promptly rebuilt using brick and stones from the original river that flowed where Laurel Canyon Blvd. is now. During the 1960's it became a meeting place of sorts for local residents Jim Morrison, his then girlfriend Pamela Courson (whom he lived with directly behind the store at 8021 Rothdell Trail) and others like Mama Cass, Joni Mitchell, Frank Zappa and Three Dog Night. The Doors' song Love Street actually features the line "this store where the creatures meet" referring to the Country Canyon Store. Also, prior to hitting it big thanks to movies like Mac and Me and Leprechaun, Jennifer Aniston worked at the store for a while doing normal people things like working the register and stocking shelves.


LighthouseSir Francis Drake Blvd. and Pierce Point Rd. Marin County, Ca.
Lighthouse is at the end of Sir Francis Drake Blvd.
(Point Reyes Lighthouse)

Located in Marin County, the lighthouse was designed by architect Phineas F. Marston and constructed in 1870. It stands 37 feet tall and is a sixteen sided structure of forged iron plate bolted to solid rock. It started using electricity in 1938 and became automated in 1975. Concrete steps were built into the cliff in 1939. There are 308 steps from the lighthouse up to the observation deck, the equivalent of 25 stories. Whenever wind speeds exceed 40 miles per hour the stairs to the lighthouse are closed to visitors for safety reasons. The drive to the lighthouse isn't exactly pleasant...or quick. Sir Francis Drake Blvd. is a 20 mile (each way) windy, slow going road. On September 3rd, 1991 it was added to the National Register of Historic Places.

All "Now" pictures taken in 2011.

Looking up the stairs from the entrance of the lighthouse.

Looking over the cliff from the lighthouse.

Stevie Wayne's house12830 Sir Francis Drake Blvd. Inverness, Ca. 94937

The house has been there since at least 1952. I don't know much else about it other than it's been remodeled drastically since it appeared in the movie.


Ceremony/bar - 10005 Hwy. 1 Olema, Ca. 94956
(Due West restaurant)

The structure was erected in 1865. The bar/restaurant is nestled in between the Farmhouse Market and the Olema House (lodge).

All "Now" pictures taken in 2018.

Entrance to church - 12835 Sir Francis Drake Blvd. Inverness, Ca. 94937

This is the entrance to a church alright, just not the church you see in the film. Instead, it's the entrance to the St. Columba's Episcopal Church & Retreat House, which in reality is 424 miles north of the church featured in the film. The church was established in 1931. One of the neat things about the entrance is the Celtic cross that's seen in the movie is still there today, at least it was when I visited the location in 2017.


Antonio Bay - CA-1 Point Reyes Station, Ca. 94956

Antonio Bay is actually Point Reyes Station. A small, unincorporated town located in Marin County that has a population of 848. It's an extremely popular tourist stop with a number of shops and restaurants. The establishing shots of the town were along Hwy. 1 which goes right through the middle of town. Aside from being featured in The Fog, the town is also shown in a number of scenes from another John Carpenter film, Village of the Damned.

All "Now" pictures taken in 2018.


  1. Pretty scary movie espcialy when the fog comees inland brining those ghosts and in the start of the movie and everything gose haywire in Antonio Bay

  2. Wow that's cool. I'm watching The Fog on TCM and decided to look up the filming locations for The Fog. Thanks for the info.

    1. My pleasure, The Gus. The Fog (1980) is a classic for sure.

  3. Wow that's cool. I'm watching The Fog right now on TCM. I got the urge to look up the filming locations and found this site. Good job with the site.

  4. Awesome thanks for the info mate. Would love to do a location tour one day.

  5. I always found Stevie Wayne's house by the water extremely cool.
    I won't comment on the renovations I see from your picture.
    Thank you for all your work on this site. It's fun to see all this from one of my favorite movies.
    The Fog is what actually started my fascination for sleepy little coastal towns.

  6. The Fog is one of my Favorite "Scary Movies" and it is the only Video tape when thats what there was! that I ever Ordered from Jumbo Video! because it was always rented out! Great Job on this Website!